The Londonist Alphabet Game: Not In London

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The Londonist Alphabet Game: Not In London

We asked our Facebook friends to nominate things that can't be found in London, which they wish could be found in London. As ever, we tried to get at least one suggestion for each letter of the alphabet. Here are our 26 favourites. Check out the Facebook page for further trivia.

A = Aerial runways between tall buildings so you dont have to go up/down lifts & stairs or go into the street (Tim Osborn)

B = Bike lanes — proper ones, like in Holland and the Nordics (Tytti Laine) And, lo, the mayor obliges.

C = Cheap flats (Stefano Balestrini) this got the most 'thumbs up'

D = Dog cafes (Karoline Tufte Lien)

E = Emma's birthday as a national holiday...(it was yesterday, btw) (Emma Ross) Unlikely

F = Free evening and weekend travel (Zeeshan Quadar) Already exists...walk

G = Golf buggies instead of buses — take you anywhere you need to go (Russell Boots-Taylor) Perhaps not to the top of the Monument, though

H = Heat that stays in the building (otherwise known as less drafty windows) (Patricia Wynn)

I =  Imagination tree — you go sit in this giant tree in Battersea park looking over the river — pretty difficult to clamber up. Not sure what'd be up there but it would be amazing (Stacey Emiliou) We want what she's smoking

J = Junk-food Free zones (Dave Kirwin)

K = Kajagoogoo statue in Trafalgar Square (Phill Brown) Finally, an idea we can get behind

L = Love day! Not Valentines day!!! Show some love day (Dannie Sietza O'Brien)

M = Mexican food (Lilja Kupua Addeman) Surely there must be at least one good Mexican? Readers?

N = No elephants! (Neil Hickman) Um...?

O = Octagonal Tube tunnels. No reason. We just like octagons (Londonist) Sorry, couldn't resist

P = Pavements that digest chewing-gum (Olga Sidoryk) What if they malfunction?

Q = Queen-less. Let's have a Monarch-free city! (Adam MacLean)

R = Rapids on the Thames (Belinda Dervish)

S = Slide transportation in London. (Seriously, I want to go to work on slides, no pollution, better for the planet.) (Andrew Fok)

T = Thermostatic mixing valve in the bathrooms (Charles-Antoine Migliore)

U = Unicorns (Tracy Ryan) We've found at least one (pictured), but it doesn't look in the best of health

V = Voluntary day/week we don't have to work but have to do some kind of charity, cleaning, painting, fixing etc! All chip in! (Dannie Sietza O'Brien)

W = Winning lottery ticket! (Benoit Martinez)

X = Xylophone footpath. So when you are on your way to work you can make sweet music with your fellow londoners! (Stacey Emiliou) Perhaps as a lasting legacy to the work of Patrick Moore?

Y = Yearly bonuses like bankers for everyone (Zeeshan Quadar)

Z = Zombie shelters (Neil Hickman)

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Image of a unicorn on Commercial Street by Iris Jones in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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