The Londonist Alphabet Game: Silly Things To Do In The Snow

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The Londonist Alphabet Game: Silly Things To Do In The Snow

We asked our Facebook friends to suggest really stupid things to do in London when it snows, in the hope of getting at least one suggestion for each letter of the alphabet. Here are our 26 favourite suggestions. Check out the Facebook page for further nonsense.

This week, we didn't get responses for every letter. So where you see '(Londonist)', it's our own suggestion. Feel free to come up with something better in the comments.

A = Al fresco dining (Londonist)

B = Booting a ball boy (John Lyons)

C = Cycling on Boris bikes (Imogen Clarke)

D = Drive up Muswell Hill (Kelly Barclay)

E = Eating yellow snow (Dave Kirwin)

F = Football, blindfolded on the Westway (Dave Kirwin)

G = Goat herding (Clare Brewer)

H = Hippo taunting at London Zoo (Dave Kirwin)

I = Ice snorkeling in the Thames (Junstin Gosling)

J = Jumping naked in the Thames (Adam Lister)

K = Kickboxing kangaroos (Yasmin Rashid)

L = Look up train times, hoping that one, just one, might actually be running (Richard Semmens)

M = Manufacturing ice (Yasmin Goldschmidt)

N = Nuisance knocking on Buckingham Palace door (Lubna Ul-Hasan)

O = Open-top double-decker bus tour in a bikini (Sarah McCabe)

P = Pyjama party in Hyde Park (Sahil Dhingra)

Q = Quit your job and become a professional snowman inspector (Londonist)

R = Release the hounds (Londonist)

S = Shagging the snowmen (Viktor Nemeth)

T = Throw snowballs at yourself (Londonist)

U = Urinate your way to a snow-free driveway (Londonist)

V = Visit Chelsea Physic Garden to look at the small herb plants (Londonist)

W = Whiz down the sloped facade of the Shard on a sledge (Londonist)

X = eXamine every individual flake of snow in your garden, and give them marks out of 10 (Londonist)

Y = Yell: "£50 to anyone who can hurl a snowball into my face" (Londonist)

Z = Zzzzzz...happy snow memories and good night to all (David Kowalski)

Photo: We're not sure what kind of snow oddness is going on in this photo by Buckaroo Kid in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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