The Londonist Alphabet Game: Odd Cuts Of Meat In Trendy Restaurants

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The Londonist Alphabet Game: Odd Cuts Of Meat In Trendy Restaurants

There's a noticeable trend in London for restaurants serving unusual types of meat. We asked our Facebook friends to suggest grotesque, surreal or silly dishes that the capital's culinary creatives might try next, in the hope of getting at least one suggestion for each letter of the alphabet. Here are our 26 favourite suggestions. Check out the Facebook page for further nonsense.

A = Arse'n'all ... a cheeky offering of highly seasoned, lightly flambéed, dead meats of the world (Terry Callaghan)

B = Bollocks of bat (BA Trylski)

C = Cat's poo stir-fried with onions and chili (Jettapon Angpaibul)

D = Dogs a potential gravy of course (Artist's Resource)

E = Exhaust pipe of bone marrow (Jack Daniel Rogers)

F = Fried flamingo fanny (Dave Sherman)

G = Glazed vole nipples (Londonist)

H = Hole in the toad (Londonist)

I =  Iced Iguana Innards (Suze Jones)

J = Jerk jackdaw (Andew Ambler)

K = Kermit of frog (BA Trylski)

L = Lobster Thermonuclear (Gary Wilson)

M = Massive monkey mammaries in Madeira (Suze Jones)

N = Narwhal nostril a la Neasden (Andrew Ambler)

O = Ocelot ovaries in Ouzo (Andrew Ambler)

P = Putney placenta (Tom Henderson)

Q = Quail nails on a bed of barbed wire (Gary Wilson)

R = Roast peregrine in Oddie sauce (Londonist)

S = Slice of pigeon with Trafalgar sauce (Camille Eon)

T = Terrine of torturtured turtle in a jus of injustice (Dave Elmer)

U = Uxbridge unicorn urethra (Andrew Ambler)

V = Vinaigrette of vulture veins (Sharron Preston)

W = Werewolf burger in unicorn jus (Londonist)

X = Xenurine covered in chocolate... (obscure 90s advert references always welcome I presume) (Tim Macavoy)

Y = Yam yak yoghurt (Andrew Ambler)

Z = Zebra fish zabaglione (Jean McMeakin)

Feel free to suggest alternatives in the comments below, or else nominate a London-themed topic for next week’s alphabetical fun.

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