Eddie Izzard For Mayor In 2020?

Rachel Holdsworth
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Eddie Izzard For Mayor In 2020?

Eddie Izzard will run for London Mayor in 2020, according to The Sun.

During an interview with the tabloid, Izzard says

I’m going to chuck in comedy in six years to go into politics... You can get people’s attention by doing huge tours and I’d rather do that than throw a TV out of a window. You do that and you’re a rebel. But then you have no telly and a hole in your window. And if you play gigs you earn money, which is good for someone who wants to run for Mayor.

Izzard's designs on City Hall have been long known, and 2020 has always seemed the aimed-for date (if memory serves, we think we said this on a podcast earlier in the year). Six years will be just about the right time to get a campaign going for the 2020 election – and possibly secure the Labour nomination? Izzard was out campaigning for Ken last year and publicly backed the party in 2010. Quite how Labour selectors will feel about that remains to be seen.

The Mayoralty is a personality contest and arguably Eddie Izzard may be more serious than the current incumbent, but would he have the experience necessary to spend four years negotiating budgets and strategy? Though one of Londonist's writers says that, as an associate director of Crystal Palace, the comedian already has his vote sewn up.

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Last Updated 27 March 2013


ould never work...

The right-wing press would hold Eddie Izzard to strict account in a way they never do for Boris Johnson.

If Eddie Izzard as mayor so much as sneezed, he'd find an under-cover Evening Standard reporter amongst his handkerchief snot.

Boris Johnson gets away with being unaccountable to the public (eg avoiding answering questions at committee meetings) because he supports policies such as cutting public services that the right-wing press agree with. He's a puppet who dances to the Press's tune and in return they cover his arse, hide his nasty policies and just talk about his personality.
With Eddie Izzard, they would do the opposite, and jump on every single mis-step he would undoubtably make in the political world.


"Exclusive" for the Sun but London is Funny had it first last week!


Vee is right Izzard's going to face some very very negative press most likely from the Standard


Considering Izzards previous campaigns for the Labour party have sunk like a stone, I'm not sure why the Labour party keeps getting dazzled by celebrity endorsements, when they never seem to work.

Eddie may be a funny man, but all his humour evaporates when he talks politics. Plus I he's been living a celebrity life for a long time now, often working in the US, I'm not sure how in touch he's going to seem. You can counter argue about Boris, but we are talking about a Labour candidate here,

I have a feeling the Labour party thinks, that people find Boris funny, therefore they need to find a candidate who is funny was well.


The Labour party has so many more serious, well-respected and experienced members to choose from, why on earth would they even look twice at a man who hasn't even lived in the UK for years? His reaction to the London riots spoke volumes about his concern for, and commitment to the city - nothing! Not a syllable! And I'm a Labour party member, by the way, so the right-wing press aren't alone in thinking this man would be a disaster for London. Rationalplan's right - in every campaign he's been involved in, Izzard has been a miserable failure. London and the Labour Party deserve better.