Do We Want Eddie Izzard As Mayor of London?

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Last Updated 24 June 2011

Do We Want Eddie Izzard As Mayor of London?

Misleading headline of the day. 'LBC Exclusive: Eddie Izzard to Run For Mayor'.

A more accurate version might read: 'LBC Last to Hear: Eddie Izzard Might Run for Mayor Eventually'.

Talking non-exclusively to the radio station, the comedian repeated a line he's said many times before, that he'll one day run as an MP, MEP or Mayor of London, but not for about nine years.

Izzard is noted for his political engagement. He's a regular campaigner on issues such as Europe and the Alternative Vote, and is a proud supporter of the Labour Party. He also has experience in leading London during a crisis:

So, what do you think? Anyone for Mayor Eddie?