An Autocomplete Guide To London

By M@ Last edited 123 months ago
An Autocomplete Guide To London

Just for a giggle, we typed in the names of London areas into Google search, to see what the autocomplete function would spit out. The results are intriguing, if also somewhat meaningless. Here we've presented one for each borough, using the borough name itself where anything coherent came out, or a large conurbation within the borough if not. Quite a few locales are, apparently, dumps. Heathrow is closed and Sutton is alive. And then there are the spurious suggestions, like that for Enfield, which relates to an Enfield rifle rather than the London borough.

Just a bit of fun, inspired by similar maps that detail the Autocomplete results for countries of the world and the UK and Ireland. Have a play with other parts of London, and let us know any good discoveries in the comments.

Last Updated 28 March 2013