The Wine March: Walk, Drink Wine, Support Water Projects

By Lindsey Last edited 71 months ago
The Wine March: Walk, Drink Wine, Support Water Projects

If you like walking through London and drinking wine, you could have a jolly pleasant day out this Sunday on the Wine March and support water projects in poverty stricken, water scarce regions of the developing world to boot.

The Wine March is an initiative of 2 Water - a marvellous charity that turns wine into water, through fabulous wine tasting events (we did one, they really know their grapes). It's a 5km walk studded with Brazilian wines you've probably never heard of (pictured) but the Three Wine Men - Olly Smith, Oz Clarke and Tim Atkin - will be on hand to guide you and you'll most likely be gagging to buy them all next time you stock up the rack.

It starts at that modern temple of vino, Vinopolis, where you'll prep yourself for the arduous day of doing things you like with a sparkling rosé. Then it's off eastwards to The Narrow and a gorgeous riverside setting where you can choose between a Tempranillo or a Moscato. The final leg takes you across Docklands to the Gun - the best pub on the Isle of Dogs according to you lot - and bask in the glow of your fundraising foray over a welcome flute of sparkles.

The Wine March takes place on Sunday 3 March, starting 10.30am. Tickets are £15 for adults, £25 for a family and the price includes a glass of wine at each stop.

Last Updated 26 February 2013