Londoners Pay More Towards Rail Travel, TfL Salaries

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Londoners Pay More Towards Rail Travel, TfL Salaries

A House of Commons transport select committee report has revealed that commuters in London pay double towards rail fares than in other areas of Britain.

Farepayers stump up 80% of funding for rail services in the south east but outside London they pay around 40%. Though given that London's transport network is quite a lot bigger and more complex than, say, Ipswich's, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone.

It's also been revealed that Londoners are paying over a billion pounds a year to staff the tube — two-thirds of TfL’s annual salary bill — though MayorWatch is still trying to wring out further data. However the numbers stack up, the recently announced fare increases in the new year weren't met with enthusiasm even though they weren't as high as they could have been.

According to the Commons report, a third of £18 billion of public spending on transport in 2010/11 was in London and spending per head was £774.

Want to see how busy your daily commute is? The Guardian has this rather neat tube traffic totaliser.

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Last Updated 26 November 2012