Spies On Saturday: New London Street Game Launches

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Spies On Saturday: New London Street Game Launches

Ever wanted to star in your own episode of Spooks (without getting unexpectedly fried, squashed or shot, part way through)? London Street Games is launching a new on-the-streets treasure hunt that invites you to dash around town, solving clues and interacting with agents.

Spies on Saturday is the first in a series of adventures, launched to coincide (though not officially affiliated) with the new Bond film, Skyfall. It starts, appropriately enough, on Bond Street.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

...teams gather at a secret location for a Saturday morning briefing, and then disperse across the streets of Mayfair and Piccadilly with a set of mission documents. Their objective is to locate and reach the hidden Safe House by unravelling a set of clues – but there are other tasks and challenges to complete too, including finding and exchanging protocols with a set of ‘Field Agents’ who may help or hinder them on their way.

The concept of playing games around the city is not a new one. Most recently, London Transport Museum launched Project X, a time-travelling mystery game using the streets and shops of Covent Garden. Spies on Saturday comes from the same stable as the excellent London Treasure Trails, so we're confident the puzzles and format will be top notch.

Games run on Saturdays throughout the year, but there's a special half-price deal on playing throughout October and November. Two further games — The Threadneedle Files and The Temple Conundrum — are planned for the new year. A cycle-based game is also on the cards.

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Last Updated 09 October 2012