Preview: The London Horror Festival

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Preview: The London Horror Festival

Hallowe'en used to be a one-day affair, a weekend at most. This year, it appears to be elongating like a witch's nose throughout the whole of October. Not only are we being creeped out by the ongoing Illumini exhibition in Shoreditch Town Hall, but we can also look ahead to the London Horror Festival.

This three-week spectacle offers dozens of horrific events from the performing arts. Theatre, comedy, magic, cabaret, puppetry, lectures...the organisers try every non-filmic medium short of murder to put the willies up you. Shows that catch our eye include a comedy version of the Dr Crippen tale, an Aleister Crowley drama, and a lecture on how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

All performances take place at Camden Town's Etcetera Theatre, with the exception of The Horror! The Horror!, which plays at Wilton's Music Hall. This promises to put "...the patter into splatter and the kind of cross-talk you could nail the Saviour to".

The London Horror Festival runs 15 October to 7 November. Times and ticket prices vary. Full programme.

Last Updated 01 October 2012