Things To Do In The Olympic Park: Phone Box Art

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Things To Do In The Olympic Park: Phone Box Art

Look out for these dissected and reassembled phone boxes, dotted around the Olympic Park. As works of sculpture, they are eye-catching, bold and oh-so-London. But a closer inspection reveals that they're more than simply shuffled kiosks.

Each contains tiny raised writing around the window frames, giving historical background to the immediate surroundings. By 'historical', we're not talking major battles or the coronation of kings, but the recent industrial past of the site, now swept away by Olympic developments. For example:

From this spot could once be seen the legendary Fridge Mountain of Hackney Wick. This local landmark – a precarious pile of steel, white plastic and insulating foam — was one of Europe’s largest dumps of discarded refrigerators.

Very little information can be found about the kooky kiosks online, although bdonline attributes them to AOC architects.

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Last Updated 06 August 2012