Preview: The Mind Sports Olympiad

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Preview: The Mind Sports Olympiad

Exercise your grey matter this weekend at the Mind Sports Olympiad, held at the University of London Union. The annual championships, now in their 16th year, test competitors' abilities across multiple games and challenges.

The Olympiad is open to competitors of all abilities, and the organisers encourage participation from complete newbies to a particular game. Those who excel, however, stand to win a medal and cash prize.

Games include the familiar (Scrabble, Chess, Texas Holdem), full-on table games (Monopoly, Carcassonne), and the downright bizarre (diving chess, in which competitors must remain submerged while pondering their turns).

The pinnacle of the Olympiad is known as the Pentamind, in which hardcore gamers compete over five events, then work out who wins via a formula so complex, only they will understand it. Indeed, a certain level of intelligence is assumed, as evinced by the minimalist FAQ section.

To sign up, head here, and choose your events.

The Mind Sports Olympiad runs 18-27 August, or until they're check-mated by the Olympic brand police. Events take place at University of London Union, Malet Street, London, WC1E 7HY. Tickets vary in price, depending on your level of participation.

Last Updated 17 August 2012