Where To Watch The Germany V Greece Austerity Showdown

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Where To Watch The Germany V Greece Austerity Showdown

Angela Merkel is not popular in Greece right now. News that she'll be attending the Euro 2012 quarter final match on Friday night to cheer on Germany against Greece has added an intensity to the proceedings. Indeed, what the Greeks could not decide at the polling station this week looks to be played out on a Polish football field.

So, where should you watch the Germany v Greece austerity showdown?

With Germans:

Zeitgeist in Vauxhall is one of the best pubs in London — our M@ says so. And it's properly German, so German you may need to Google translate their website. With austerity in mind, Bitburger will be just £3 a pint during Friday's match and a vodka-shower — whatever that is — is just £1. It's bound to be very popular so get there early and prepare for a crush.

The Bavarian Beerhouses at Tower Hill and Old Street are laying on an organised event at £10 a head with proper seating, table service and a party afterwards, but booking is mandatory.

Fulham's Octoberfest pub is also a ticketed affair, with seats at £15 (includes a lager and a pretzel) or standing at £5 advance, £10 on the door.

Katzenjammers at Borough Market operates on a first-come, first-served basis on Fridays and usually has an oompah band.

With Greeks:

Mythopolis on City Road is a laid-back Greek cafe/bar but you can bet the tension will be palpable on Friday. Watch the match, partake of some Greek food and wine and shout for Greece. We rang them up and they were very friendly — book a table or just turn up.

For a similar but smaller venue, try Halepi on Leinster Terrace W2 or Cafe Byzantium in Bayswater, both near St Sophia's Greek Orthodox Cathedral in case anyone needs a quick prayer.

While Greek pubs are hard to find, head for north London's Green Lanes to find the Greek and Cypriot community watching football. We don't necessarily recommend you try any of the many small and mysterious football focused members' clubs lining the Lanes but you can bet that most of the pubs and cafes along the way will be cheering for Greece.

On neutral territory:

Rich Mix is showing all Euro 2012 games topped and tailed with eastern european art and culture. This Friday night it's Polish oriented.

BoxPark Shoreditch is also showing all the games on big screens by their food and drink outlets. We sat by Choppd the other day, taking advantage of outdoor seating, heated umbrellas, booze and food for sale and excellent speakers. No fear of a footie fight with hipsters around.

Thanks to @dawnhfoster for asking whether we'd be doing a piece on bars to watch Greece v Germany austerity showdown from either side.

Last Updated 20 June 2012