Fake Stonehenge Made From Cars Appears Near Tower Bridge

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Fake Stonehenge Made From Cars Appears Near Tower Bridge

Citihenge – a recreation of Stonehenge made entirely from car parts, is unveiled today on London’s Southbank by ŠKODA to launch their new Citigo model. PRESS ASSOCATION Photo. Picture date: Tuesday June 19, 2012. The giant sculpture provides Londoners with an urban meeting point to celebrate this evening’s Summer Solstice. Photo credit should read: Matt Crossick/PA

It's the summer solstice today. We'd love to say we gleaned this knowledge by pulling some clever trick with an astrolabe and the Londonist golden orrery but, no, we were alerted by Skoda's PR company.

The car manufacturer commissioned artist Tommy Gunn to recreate Stonehenge using 18 scrap cars. The so-called Citihenge (it marks the launch of a new car called the Citigo) is on show at Potters Fields next to City Hall for the next two days, apparently on the confluence of "little known ley lines". Thenceforth, it will process around the country, bringing motoring mysticism to the masses.

Those who prefer less commercial interference in their midsummer observations should check out this list of pagan events taking place in the capital and elsewhere.

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The solstice is tomorrow, lads


Depends if you mean the technical, astronomical solstice or the commonly used synonym for midsummer day. As this is a PR stunt, and as there's only 9 minutes in it anyway, we're claiming the latter. 


Why is everyone claiming the solstice is today? It's tomorrow 21st June.


I always wondered what happened to Tommy Gunn after Rocky gave him a beating...


If you ever yearn for a less transient Carhenge after this PR stunt, Alliance, Nebraska has got you covered:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C....


I saw this every single day to and from work, did not once think it resembled Stonehenge. 


I'm sick of these corporate tie-ins - it's no longer public art it's just marketing


The important question is why? I don't believe it's art, it's just pointless.