Weird Animals In Weird Ley Line Weirdness

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Weird Animals In Weird Ley Line Weirdness


What the Packham's going on with our fauna? Over the past few weeks, we’ve brought you tale after tail concerning the increasingly exotic nature of the capital’s wild animals. To recap, we’ve had the Beast of Bexley, the crocodile-turtle type thing in the River Lea and a plague of red-eared terrapins in Mill Hill.

And most recently of all, we highlighted the Amazonian giant centipede (Scolopendra gigantean), which ‘shocked’ Islington resident Aaron Balick found behind the back of his TV.

Now once is a happenstance, twice is a coincidence, three times is a conspiracy. But four exotic animals in just two months...well, that starts to look very suspicious. Smelling a rat, and assorted other creatures, we dusted off the Londonist large-scale A-Z. What we discovered left us shell shocked. Plotting the locations of the four types of beast leads to the perfectly straight line you see in the illustration above.

What can it all mean? A nexus of animal-kind? A harbinger of Armageddon? An axis of weevil? If further evidence be needed, this ley line of flamboyant creatures passes suspiciously close to the north of Hampstead Heath, where flocks of escapee parakeets are commonly found.

Well, admittedly, we've been going a bit heavy on the caffeine lately, but something fishy is going on here. We'd be feeling a little edgy if we were living in Golders Green or Stepney right now.

The conspiracy starts here…

Last Updated 21 March 2018

john k

Sadly, our dear friend Scolopendra gigantean was in fact, merely an escaped pet, rather than the meek's attempt to inherit the earth (or rather, islingtonia) via a sneaky textile shipment.

Gregory Hoyt

From U.S.of A (Washington State) I read the article, you seem to have the right idea; very un-evolutionary animals are showing up in the biosphere. What about the American blue wallabee like anamal that suddenly showed up in the American West ,has been photographed several times at close range , after several anamals have been shot by farmers. FEATURES: solid mediun blue , short wooly blue fur.BIG eyes , hind legs longer than front, L-O-N-G skinny tail ending in a swelling, about 10 to 15lbs...... and moves so fast the farmers can't tell if it hops or runs

When one of them was shot , examiner said it had crumbley fragle skin .QUOTE: "thing has no business being in the environ" P.S. OH before I forget the reports said that this thing has 2inch fangs that are simi transparant ,not like regular teeth------- G. Hoyt 9/1/'05

George Wagner

If the giant centipede was indeed discovered on a ley line, does it actually MATTER very much if it was somebody's escaped pet or not?

Might pets more commonly escape (or indeed vanish) on ley lines?

Let's imagine a court case in which it's discovered that all the witnesses, prosecution and defense alike, live along a given ley line. Now let's FURTHER assume that one of those witnesses turns out to be a perjuror. Would it be neccessary to erase him (her) from the map?