Big Ben To Be Renamed The Elizabeth Tower

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Big Ben To Be Renamed The Elizabeth Tower

It's official. The Westminster Clock Tower, usually referred to as Big Ben, is to be renamed the Elizabeth Tower in honour of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.

The renaming was mooted a few months ago and has the backing of most MPs and all three main party leaders. The House of Commons Commission, who apparently have authority in these matters, "will arrange for this decision to be implemented in an appropriate manner in due course".

The new moniker mirrors that of the southern tower at Westminster, named the Victoria Tower in honour of the only other British monarch to serve 60 years.

We'll all continue to call it Big Ben, of course. But at least this should put an end to the longstanding misconception that the building is really called St Stephen's Tower.

Last Updated 26 June 2012


Can we just call it "Big Betty" instead? A nice compromise, surely.


The bell's Big Ben so the Tower as Elizabeth Tower wont change it - but Big Betty definately gets my vote


Doubt the Queen's gonna thank 'em: couldn't build ya something new so we went & robbed Ben! 

Dave H

There is nothing about this story that isn't utterly tedious.


I'm more intrigued by how they got permission to replace one of the windows in Westminster Hall with an awful new stained glass thing in honour of the Queen. That building is listed to high heaven as one of the oldest things in the UK. But I guess rules don't apply to 'her majesty'. Another entry for the enormous 'reasons to be republican' list.


eeerrrmmm! NO!?!?! They are only doing this to get a reaction out of people. If we all just agree and say 'Oh, how lovely', then they will realise that they have made a big error when all the tourists get all confused and pissed of. Oh Government, you are silly! hahaha

Jane Ennis

There's a story about two American ladies of a certain age looking at Michelangelo's DAVID, and one of them says, 'No dear, Big Ben is a clock'.  And before anyone pedantically spoils the joke by saying,'No, it's not the clock, it's the bell' many people actually know that? And I suppose the BELL will continue to be called Big Ben anyway......


This makes no sense.  Big Ben is the bell in the Place of Westminster Clock Tower. The TOWER is being renamed.  Not the BELL.  Stupid attempt at journalism. Now correct it, please!

Neddy Seagoon

Typical whitehall grovel. Call it what you like, we,ll still call it Big Ben. Forget renaming it and build a new column or bell tower somewhere in the city and call it the queens tower or elizabeths tower then it would have more significance..