Flash Art Adorns London’s Southbank

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Flash Art Adorns London’s Southbank

This is a sponsored post on behalf of the P&G Capital Clean Up

Earlier this spring the Southbank played canvas to a spectacular piece of clean art; the largest that Europe has ever seen. Courtesy of the ‘multi-tasking household favourite’ Flash - as part of the P&G Capital Clean Up - walks, walkways and buildings were transformed into a giant work of art.

The art installation was designed and created by a collective of artists, including Moose Curtis, a renowned British clean artist. A 370m2 area of artwork evolved over 5 days and 150 hours, with Moose and his team creating the images by artistically cleaning dirt and dust from some of the Southbank’s surfaces.

Nearly 5,000 images were created in total, culminating in a huge piece of art on the side of the OXO tower. Once over 300,000 people had enjoyed the installation, a fortnight later the art was cleaned away leaving the surfaces shiny and spotless.

The clean graphics created by Flash Art symbolise the P&G Capital Clean Up campaign which sees a series of community clean up events take place across the city until June 2012. Visit www.pgcapitalcleanup.com for more detail on events in your area.

Flash Art was part of the P&G Capital Clean Up, a campaign encouraging Londoners to join the big clean ahead of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Last Updated 25 May 2012