London: A Guide For The Naive

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London: A Guide For The Naive

Spoof documentaries about London are on their way to becoming a genre. First we had Jay Foreman's excellent Unfinished London videos. Then came daft tourism pastiche London Wow. Now the category gets an extended treatment with London: A Guide For The Naive.

Written and produced by Sam Gould and presented by Edward Eales-White, the 30-minute film gets it all so brilliantly wrong. Visit the city's 100,000 statues, learn London's incredible 240-year-old history, and live like the rich with a special pink lobster card. And we can all identify with the narrator as he walks into a traditional pub to find the local Cockneys prancing around to Step In Time.

Some of the gags fall a bit flat, but the pace is such that another chortle quickly follows. A 'Nelson Column' of concocted trivia.

(Hat tip to Time Out London's blog, for alerting us to this.)

Last Updated 03 April 2012