Unfinished London: Ring Roads

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Unfinished London: Ring Roads

Whatever you're doing, stop. Go make a cup of tea, and then watch this absolute gem of a video. London's ring roads have never been so hilarious.

Written and presented by Jay Foreman, this satirical look at London transport follows on from his equally improbabe jape-fest on the Northern Line extension that never was.

We've said it before, but: GIVE THIS MAN A TV SHOW.

Last Updated 14 March 2011


Wonderful video and conclusion. You only need to look at Paris and the dreaded Peripherique.


Notting Hill/Portobello hasn't exactly suffered because of Westway and for me, driving into London on the elevated section is one of my favourite views of the city.


Fantastic! I was really hoping that this guy would do another video.


More motorways should've been built through London with limited access near the centre. Living within two miles of a motorway in an urban environment would be unnoticeable. I've lived most of my life in lovely New York City neighbourhoods within a mile of a motorway and never felt as if I was inundated with traffic. On the contrary the traffic stayed off the streets. The dividing communities argument is always overstated. Somehow it's only the run down neighbourhoods that are shown as being divided (South Bronx), when in fact there are probably more nice neighbourhoods near a motorway (Riverdale, Astoria, Whitestone, Bayside, Bay Ridge, etc.) and they're never mentioned. Build a Big Dig, Crossmotorway, Crossmotorway 2, sink the North Circular and get traffic off the local streets. Make it easier to get from one side of the city to the other without having to go all the way around it. LA was mentioned, but New York has many expressways and parkways running across it and traffic flows around and through the city much better than in London, but also better than in LA and other "car" cities. That's because New York, unlike LA, has a viable public transport alternative. We need better traffic flow and a choice of travel, not just one option whether that one option is public transit or car.