Video: London Wow, The Spoof Tourist Guide

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Video: London Wow, The Spoof Tourist Guide

"London is home to the world's most iconic shopping venue: Westfield Shepherd's Bush. But if you get off the beaten track, you can find some hidden gems, like Carnaby Street, Oxford Street, personal favourite...Harrods."

London Wow is a You Tube channel that takes the piss out of banal tourism videos. Upbeat host Joel Slack-Smith delivers subtly satirical 'facts' about the capital in six short features.

Just out, the long and fascinating history of the London Eye:

He also offers the final word in Tube escalator etiquette, or Testiquette, as it's painfully dubbed:

Other instalments include Trafalgar Square, shopping, Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

Last Updated 20 September 2011