Love London, Hate London: New Website Wants Your Views

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Love London, Hate London: New Website Wants Your Views

What do you love most about London, and what really gets your dander up? Love London, Hate London is a new web site that collects the opinions of Londoners. The project is run by Rebecca Sams, author of the forthcoming Tube London, and will form some of the material to her follow-up book. The survey takes less than five minutes to fill out (unless you have lengthy views) and is treated anonymously.

Give up your best gripes and most fulsome praise on the Love London, Hate London website, and follow on Twitter at @loveldnhateldn.

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Last Updated 10 April 2012

Andy Jeffery

I love London & the as the saying goes ............... If you're tired of London then you're tired of life BUT I have one gripe. Why Oh why do people with over loaded ruck sacks insist on wearing them on the backs on a crowed train knocking people about trying to get on & off & it takes up the space of ONE WHOLE person. Take them of & HOLD THEM!


Love, love, love London - been there four times most recently last month. But the crowds of tourists are ridiculous! Can't go anywhere with being a huge swarm. DO. NOT. LIKE. Prices are pretty high too but other than those two issues, it's a great city!


Oops that should say "can't go anywhere WITHOUT being in a huge swarm".


It's a shame that this website is not going to be a permanent feature, as I would love to have somewhere like this to go and grumble, gripe, praise and promote, as and when appropriate.  Still, I look forward to seeing all the collected opinions in Rebecca's second book, should be interesting.


I LOVE LONDON! best place in the world!


What I love about London is the only thing people praising it have to say about the place is negative!

I live in the middle of nowhere, and can be in the centre of Manchester in under twenty minutes... each and every day (not just occasional days when bits don't fall off the transport infrastructure!) I don't have to pay a ludicrous amount for my house, and am not screwed every time I have to buy anything.