London Dungeon Moving West

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 114 months ago
London Dungeon Moving West

After 38 years spent putting the frighteners on kiddywinks around Tooley Street, London Dungeon is to up sticks and shuffle westwards to a site in County Hall, near Waterloo. The plan was approved earlier this week by Lambeth Council.

The impending rebuild of London Bridge station, and the desire by operator Merlin Entertainments to consolidate its suite of attractions in the tourist-thronged South Bank scene, are the reasons for the move, which will see the Dungeon depart the railway archway it has called home since opening in 1974. It is expected to close at the end of 2012 and re-open in the new premises early in 2013.

The move means that the infamous Battle of the Tooley Street Scare Attractions, a courtroom clash between the Dungeon and young upstart the London Bridge Experience over a "breach of intellectual rights", has ultimately been won by the newcomer. Maybe the Dungeon can whip up some publicity by unearthing another genuine skeleton whilst packing its bags.

Photo / Chris Kench

Last Updated 27 April 2012