London Dungeon Moving West

Dean Nicholas
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London Dungeon Moving West

After 38 years spent putting the frighteners on kiddywinks around Tooley Street, London Dungeon is to up sticks and shuffle westwards to a site in County Hall, near Waterloo. The plan was approved earlier this week by Lambeth Council.

The impending rebuild of London Bridge station, and the desire by operator Merlin Entertainments to consolidate its suite of attractions in the tourist-thronged South Bank scene, are the reasons for the move, which will see the Dungeon depart the railway archway it has called home since opening in 1974. It is expected to close at the end of 2012 and re-open in the new premises early in 2013.

The move means that the infamous Battle of the Tooley Street Scare Attractions, a courtroom clash between the Dungeon and young upstart the London Bridge Experience over a "breach of intellectual rights", has ultimately been won by the newcomer. Maybe the Dungeon can whip up some publicity by unearthing another genuine skeleton whilst packing its bags.

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Last Updated 27 April 2012

Steve James

When can we book tickets for the Ken Livingstone themed horror ride?


Thank god. This place is a hellhole, and really drags that side of the station downmarket. Not to mention making the pavement unnavigable because of the constant, badly-organised queues and crowds of people.


I think they'd be ratherĀ pleased by your 'hellhole' description of the attraction...


But yuck - County Hall is cheesy enough already, like a bit of Picaddily Circus ran off to mug people getting off the London Eye.


The Dungeons brings alot of money to the London Bridge are, far more than many other businesses like the London Bridge experience does! I'd hardly call it a 'win' for LBE either, seeing as the only custom they get is from the Dungeons customers who don't want to que for very long


You may describe it as a 'hellwhole', but thats exactly what I would describe the station like when all of the business people like to rush through in the morning, full of self-importance, with no consideration for those around them. If they intend on doing up the london Bridge area, clearly they need to do up the dismal business buildings aswell as theĀ attitudes of their workers


Actually Kate, London Bridge has been home to one of London's
most popular attractions, The London Dungeon since the 1970's, much before all
the new office blocks that exist there now, therefore the dungeons has more
right to be there than most surrounding businesses (bringing nothing to the
area). "Business men and women" crowd the trains coming into and out
of London bridge of all hours of the day, when getting off filling up the bins
with newspapers and coffee cups, then together bundling the pavements as they attempt
to walk to work. The Dungeons supplies many of the local smaller businesses in
the local area with custom and has networks with local restaurants and shops to
promote the area, by bringing tourism in its mass to the local area which is
return helps make money for Southwark and therefore improves your path, in
which I am glad you like to walk on. In regards to the badly-organised queues,
the customers seem to line up against the wall, however i am sure they wouldn't
know how to get out of someone else's way on there own would they now? Lastly
the Dungeons focuses on the horrible history of what this vibrant city has
seen, suffered with and survived over the last 1,000 years.