Jubiloo Coming To The Southbank

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Jubiloo Coming To The Southbank

Toilet news. A new public convenience is under construction in Jubilee Gardens, near the London Eye. The facilities should be open in time for the Queen's Diamond anniversary. To commemorate that milestone, they've been dubbed the Jubiloos, making a welcome change from naming everything (Boris bikes, Boris busses, Boris Island...) after the current mayor (Boris bogs might have worked).

The distinctive structure includes a gold-anodised aluminium roof, which will collect rainwater for use in the royal flush. More images can be found on the toilet's Facebook page (yes, really).

The thrones will be opened on 24 May by Kate Hoey MP, reports the SE1 website. The architects are planning on some 500,000 reliefs a year, despite the many other piddle options in the area.

Last Updated 23 April 2012