Did You Know We Have A Daily Email Newsletter?

By M@ Last edited 84 months ago
Did You Know We Have A Daily Email Newsletter?

Different people have different ways of following their favourite sites. You might read Londonist via RSS. You might prefer to follow on Twitter. Or you might simply catch up with our scrawlings by remembering to visit the site now and then.

We also have a daily email service. This rounds up all the day's stories, funnels them into an email, and sends the happy bundle to your inbox at 5pm each day. We almost did it as an afterthought, assuming no one would want another email to tackle. But it's proving highly popular, with thousands of signups.

So, if you'd rather have one daily portal to all of our articles, rather than checking several times a day, consider signing up to our email. You'll find the 'Subscribe to Londonist daily' signup box at the bottom right of any Londonist page, including this one. We promise never to share your address with a third party or send you any emails other than the one you've signed up to.

Last Updated 05 March 2012