PLUNGE: New Installations Light Up London's Columns

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PLUNGE: New Installations Light Up London's Columns
Paternoster Square.
Paternoster Square.
Paternoster Square.
Paternoster Square.
Duke of York's Column.
Duke of York's Column.
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PLUNGE by Michael Pinsky, presented by Artsadmin and LIFT, consists of a series of public light installations marking the predicted 3012 sea level on London�s iconic monuments.

Pictured is the installation at Seven Dials in Covent Garden.
Background Information:
PLUNGE, is a major new work of art which invites us to look up and look forward 1000 years to the year 3012, when the effects of runaway climate change will have completely changed the look of our capital city. It is presented by LIFT and Artsadmin. 
Artist Michael Pinsky�s work will illustrate how sea level will have climbed by then, should we fail to heed the threat of global warming.  His artwork � which resemble rings of blue fire - will be erected at 28 metres* above sea level on familiar icons across London in a disturbing and dazzling vision of apocalypse. Included will be the column at Paternoster Square adjoining St Pa
Seven Dials.

An azure halo of light engirdles the Duke of York's column above the Mall. Over in Covent Garden, a similar band decorates the Seven Dials sundial. And in the City, Paternoster Square's column is also aglow. What can it all mean?

This is PLUNGE, a new and thoughtful installation from Michael Pinsky. The artist invites his viewers to look ahead one thousand years to 3012, to a possible future where runaway climate change has drastically altered the landscape. His striking blue glorioles are set to a prophesied height of the oceans, 28 metres above the current sea level. (It should be noted, this is at the extreme end of extreme predictions.)

The installations were commissioned by LIFT and Artsadmin and will be on show until early March.

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Is anyone else thinking 'cock ring' ?

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Now that's what I call climate hysteria

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I am thinking along the lines of Chris. Sorry not to make it to see the chewing gum yesterday... another time - keep me posted ! x