Boris Bike Accident In Clerkenwell

Dean Nicholas
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Boris Bike Accident In Clerkenwell

A Boris bike was involved in an accident with a HGV on Clerkenwell Road this morning.

Reports on Twitter suggest that the cyclist has emerged relatively unharmed; we'll update this post when we get further details. But the rear part of the bike itself, as shown in this picture, was mangled beneath the wheels of the vehicle.

The incident took place near the junction with Goswell Road,  close to the location where architect Rebecca Goosen was knocked off her bike and killed by a cement mixer in 2009. A quick glance at the map of road deaths in London suggests that this stretch of Clerkenwell Road is particularly lethal for cyclists, with a number of other riders losing their lives along it.  In fact the Clerkenwell Road/Farringdon Road junction was included in the Tour du Danger ride last November, which sought to highlight the capital's most dangerous cycling blackspots.

The accident is among the first serious ones involving the cycle hire scheme since its launch in July 2010 (discounting the time when a careless motorist ploughed into a docking station in Shoreditch) and is likely to reignite the debate about whether HGVs should be allowed in central London during rush hour.

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Last Updated 01 February 2012


I cycled passed it this morning just after it happened. The bike was in quite a a bad state!
Im surprised there aren't more accidents on this road, it can be chaos in the morning rush hr.
Lots of inexperienced cyclists doing silly manouvers, and  lots of cocky boy racers doing stupid risky moves!


I thought it was something worse than this - there were 4 fire engines there!!


Same happened in November at junction of Southwark Bridge Road and Southwark Street. An HGV crushed the rear of the bike as they both turned left into SBR. Fortunately the man leapt off the bike and escaped without injury much to the relief of the watching pedestrians and HGV driver.


Ride as if everyone else on the road is on the phone.
Indicate, but don't expect them to.

Whatever's too stupid to do, the other guy will do.

Wear fluorescent clothing.

Never pass trucks or vans or buses on the inside.

Pass parked cars with extreme trepidation.

At lights, hog your lane. 
Make eye contact.

Do not run reds.
Do not weave between lanes

Wear a helmet.


Oh and have a bell or bull-horn for pedestrians stepping off the pavement.

Robin Block

The cyclist was a girl - my girlfriend - and she escaped with minor cuts and a few bruises. Very lucky!  Be careful out there.


Is the location of new cycle racks, within the traffic flow, an accident asking to happen?