Big Egg Hunt Hides 200 Giant Easter Eggs In London

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Big Egg Hunt Hides 200 Giant Easter Eggs In London

From tomorrow until late March, London will be home to the biggest Easter Egg hunt in history. 200 fibreglass ova will be secreted around the capital, each one decorated by a well-known artisan. If you're the sort of person who gets annoyed by eggstremely weak egg-based puns, it might be eggspedient to leave town now (scramble, if you will).

Big names decorating the eggs include the Chapman Brothers, Marc Quinn, Zaha Hadid, Zandra Rhodes, Vivienne Westwood, Sir Peter Blake, Sir Ridley Scott and, inevitably, food frolickers Bompas & Parr.

Following the month-long eggshibition, the shelly baubles will be auctioned for charities Action for Children and Elephant Family. The egg hunt is reminiscent of 2010's Elephant Parade, Cow Parade a decade ago, and the upcoming BT ArtBox in which London will be bekiosked with painted phone boxes.

The project will launch tomorrow in Trafalgar Square at 7.30am. A map and app will then be available to help you track down the eggs, each of which will contain a special code that could help you win a £100,000 Fabergé egg.

Follow on Facebook, where you can find further photos of the furtive funballs. Given the number of statues that have gone missing lately, we hope none of these eggs get poached.

Last Updated 20 February 2012


So,  only  for  those  who  live in London, then?

Anne Oyed

I know, typical isn't it. All these events happening in London that require you to actually be in London to enjoy them. It's city-bias at its worst. Sort it out Londonist, howabout including some London events that I can take part in in Nuneaton? I don't mind getting the bus somewhere but really, this is too much. How can a website about London be so bloody London-minded all the time?

Bowl Of Chalk

Maybe you've unlocked a niche for the Nuneatonist. 

Doreen Lau

MY SON AND HIS FRIEND really enjoyed the easter eggs hunt,we adults enjoyed it as well.we managed to spot 198 eggs.


I am just curious do they do this every year?