Raarr: Kids And Illustrators Draw Animals For NSPCC

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Raarr: Kids And Illustrators Draw Animals For NSPCC

Kids' drawings are crap. Everyone knows it. Your average five-year-old has a feeble grasp of even the most basic techniques...perspective, shading, framing, number of eyes on mummy. And yet people stick this tosh on their fridges as though junior is some kind of diminutive Hockney. Rubbish.*

Thankfully, some proper illustrators have stepped in to assist. A new exhibition at the Book Club in Shoreditch pairs together professional artists and felt-tip-wielding children from across the UK, as curated by Jason Kerley. The show is called Raarr (pronounced RAAARRGHHH!!!!!!!!), and presents drawings of 22 animals whose bodies are sketched by the professionals while the heads and embellishments come courtesy of the youngsters.

The show launches tomorrow (19 January) with a special free event to which you can just turn up with no RSVP. The drawings will then be sold to raise money for the NSPCC, and the exhibition ends on 26 February.

Last Updated 18 January 2012