London's Oddest Shop Names: A Few Additions

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London's Oddest Shop Names: A Few Additions

We've previously highlighted Typical Kebabexpress and Peculiar Unisex Hair. Reader Conrad Roth now sends us a few additional oddments form around the capital, and we've also rounded up a few other suggestions from readers.

The intriguing Eroticut on Uxbridge Road presumably offers something for the weekend among its facials and blow drys.

Michael's 'Barbers' at 38 Tottenham Lane, meanwhile, leaves us wondering about the quote marks.

Wake and Paine undertakers in Twickenham are the ultimate example of what New Scientist used to call 'nominative determinism' — people whose names influence them into a particular trade.

Ryan Hair near Victoria is nominated by 'Parry' in the comments to our Typical Kebabexpress post.

The nastily evocative Chickpizz on Albion Road, Stoke Newington, gets commenter Sal's juices flowing.

And, finally, an old favourite from your humble editor M@, who snapped the final photo of 'Shoot The Aged', a pine furniture shop in Blackheath that closed sometime around the Millennium. Gone but not forgotten.

Got your own favourite? Let us know in the comments.

Last Updated 29 September 2017


tastes like shit.


Hang on, what's that next door but one to Shoot the Aged? A shop called Bitter Experience? That's got to be worth a mention in its own right.


Since I get my haircut at Michael's, I can tell you: it WAS a barbers for years, and has been in his family for generations as a barbers, but he decided to branch out and do women's hair as well. Hence 'barbers'.

Shell Grayson

One of my favourites is the meat & seafood seller on Essex Road, N1. His sign always made us wonder what it would be like to play the "Steve Hatt Fish Game"

timothy johnson

This shop, Fried Chicken Kebabs and Fish, has amused me for decades.

Clearly cashing in on the KFC rebrand, they maybe didn't think to try pronouncing it out loud.


I like North End Road's "99p or plus" - it used to be called "99p or less" but i'm guessing the recession struck and they had to re-evaluate their business plan, completely turning the concept on it's head - from 99p being the highest priced item, to it being the lowest.  Clever...very clever.


It could be odd, it could be quite interesting - I like Rosa Park's Hair and Beauty in Lewisham -

Monìa Pulse D'Andrea

Hairport (Unisex hair salon).Tooting Broadway.
It's funny 😁

Victoria Redfern

Is Michael K Vegfruit still in Shepherds Bush?