London's Oddest Shop Names: Typical Kebabexpress

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London's Oddest Shop Names: Typical Kebabexpress

Robert Kingham alerts us to this kebab joint in Hither Green. Tired of the usual fast-food superlatives — Super Kebabs, Best Kebabs, King Kebabs — the owners have plumped for the more humble and honest appellation Typical Kebabexpress. It replaces the more ambitious 'First Choice Kebab House', still visible in Google Maps. Good luck to them.

Notes Robert, it's "up there with Holloway Road's 'Standard Tandoori' and Streatham Hill's 'Chinese Dinner'".

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Still Peculiar Unisex Hair in Leyton for me.  Jesus is Lord.

London Remembers

You reminded me of the kebab one-upmanship that we noticed
years ago in Junction Road.  It used to
be Universal Kebabs versus Planet Kebabs but the recession has hit:  it’s now “Planet Kebabs - The best kebabs on
the planet“ vs “Archway Kebab House - probably the best kebab in the UK”.   Such a
modest and tentative ambition!


There used to be a takeaway called "Sea Lamprey" on Wandsworth Road near Vauxhall.  Although I never went inside, I used to drive past it taking my children to school, and I was rather disappointed when it went.  Not far from Sea Lamprey there is a convenience store called "T.B.A", which is presumably what the owners put on the order to the sign maker before they had made up their minds what the real name should be.


I think my favourite takeaway name is Chickpizz in Stoke Newington - sounds delicious doesn't it!


Ryan-Hair near Victoria Station is my candidate.


I think it's changed hands and been renamed now, but for me the best takeaway name was the Jamaican/West Indian takeaway on Portland Road, South Norwood called Rastarant