Get Ahead Of The Games: New Transport Website Launched

By Lindsey Last edited 77 months ago
Get Ahead Of The Games: New Transport Website Launched

If you're not fortunate enough to be able to work from home or spend your commuting hours in the pub this summer, you might need to have a look at the brand new Get Ahead of the Games travel website.

Launched today by TfL, LOCOG and UK-wide transport agencies the site highlights Games travel 'hotspots' to prepare the public for a challenging few weeks of public transport.

Have a play with the interactive map for London. Move the date slider back and forth through the Olympic fortnight and you get an oddly pleasing / vaguely disturbing bloom and shrink effect as the overloaded tube stations apparently explode.

Nearer the time, this graphic snapshot of Olympic tube hotspots could prove handy — once they've finished mapping the anticipated effects of the Torch Relay and Paralympics — especially as two of their top five travel tips include advice to 'avoid'.

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Last Updated 30 January 2012

Ian Heron

It's an absolute disgrace, as I discovered recently on behalf of a visitor, that there is no website which informs one of the bus number(s) one needs to make a journey from A to B - 'A' and 'B' being streets or places given clearly in the A-Z.
I was eventually able to provide the information, but only through the conjunction of two separate bus maps, which are themselves highly esoteric. The visitor could not possibly have done this without a knowledge of how to use the inscrutable London bus maps AND a knowledge of the geography of the city.

Craig R Webster

@Ian Heron the TfL journey planner on the TfL website appears to do the A to B bus journey including bus numbers, bus stops and maps of the stops. Perhaps some of the streets are less well served than others by the TfL journey planner - can you provide example streets that cause a problem?

Laura Muse

You can find out on the tfl website. Use the journey planner. Put in where you to go to and from. Click "more options". Deselect other forms of transport. Easy.