TfL Promote Pub Going To Prevent 2012 Commuter Congestion

By Lindsey Last edited 146 months ago
TfL Promote Pub Going To Prevent 2012 Commuter Congestion

Planning for how to manage Olympic commuter congestion just gets better and better. Building on the avoidance tactics first expressed in the 'work from home' strategy, London Transport Commissioner, Peter Hendy, last night briefed London Assembly Officials on a new idea: don't go straight home after work, go to the pub.

Mr Hendy is quoted as saying:

On one or two of the days [London Bridge] will be very, very crowded and the best thing to do if you happen to be here on the day of the equestrian event in Greenwich is to have a beer before you go home because you won't be able to get into the station before then.

Unsurprisingly, TfL's own press release about the briefing doesn't mention the post work pint strategy but focuses on how many business have signed up for special travel advice and how TfL is generally 'on track to get all athletes, officials and spectators to their events on time and keep London moving' (however slowly).

It also announces imminent enhancements to the dedicated 2012 travel website: including 'hot spot' maps and postcode information.

Last Updated 12 October 2011