Transport Minister Says 'Work From Home' During Olympics

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 150 months ago
Transport Minister Says 'Work From Home' During Olympics

Reading this at work? Then send your boss a link to this Telegraph story and get ready to march to the IT department and demand remote working during the Olympics - transport secretary Philip Hammond wants you to.

He said all employers, including the Government, had to look at staff changing their working hours or to work from home during the Olympics. "We need to get people to think about how they plan their journeys,” Hammond said. “Certainly, the government will be allowing significant numbers of people to work from home during the Games to ease the burden on the transport system.”

We've already flagged controversy about Southeastern's plans and Diamond Geezer was talking about potential transport chaos last November. We took a look at the London 2012 site's breakdown of affected areas and randomly chose Westminster. Hmm. Possible wait times to just get on a train of over an hour on the Jubilee, Central and W&C lines, 30 minutes for the Northern line and 15 minutes on other lines? Maybe an extra half an hour to get on mainline trains at Waterloo? Yes, we can see why organisers might want us to work from home...

Of course, it's easier to arrange this for some jobs than others. What chance have you got of spending next summer typing in your front room or shuffling papers in your local park?

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Last Updated 03 June 2011