Preview: Santacon 2011

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Preview: Santacon 2011

The streets of central London will run red with fake Santas this Saturday as Santacon 2011 spreads the Christmas cheer and beer around the West End. There's not much to impart, to be honest. Just turn up in your best Santa outfit, join the mob and bellow 'HO! HO! HO!' for all you're worth. The crimson carnage will visit a few costume-friendly pubs before rocking your stockings at the Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes after-party (tickets £5).

There are a few rules to observe, but they're all rather gaily written. "Watching Santa get drunk can be fun. Babysitting Santa while they vomit in an alley or breaking up fights is not. Don’t be that Santa."

Here's a taster from last year's event.

Santacon 2011 takes place on Saturday 10 December around central London (start time and place to be announced on Friday). Image by Simon Rigglesworth in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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It did not spread any cheer at all. I was in london with the kids and saw santas vomiting, breaking glass, swearing and it all felt very intimidating. One to avoid


I agree with the previous comment. It may have been a magical santa event early afternoon, but by 4pm in Soho it was a borderline riot with bins being kicked over, glasses smashing on the streets, drivers being berated, cars being kicked, bar and cafe owners being abused. I saw a truck get hijacked when several santas jumped on the back causing traffic chaos. Lots of scared tourists. What I didn't see was any police..where were they?