App Review: Pepys' London

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App Review: Pepys' London

Dickens might be hogging the limelight at the moment, but we shouldn't neglect London's other literary greats. And so to Samuel Pepys. His famous diary has long been available digitally in the form of a daily blog. He's now made the natural transmogrification into an iPhone app.

Pepys' London displays the diary as a daily feed from the existing web site (although the two are not connected from an admin point of view). The app also makes use of the iPhone's geo-awareness, with interactive maps of the City and Westminster. Each map highlights features of interest associated with Pepys, and suggested walking routes linking them up. You can also upload your own snaps of Pepysian miscellanea and leave comments to add to a user-generated map.

It's good as far as it goes, and at £1.49 Pepys fans are well served. One small niggle is that only a fraction of the diary is contained within the app (in the form of the recent daily installments), so if you want to delve a little deeper, you're bounced off to the web browser to get the full text and references. Still, worth a Pepys.

Pepys' London is available now for iPhone and its siblings from the iTunes Store, price £1.49.

Last Updated 09 December 2011


There is already an iPhone and iPad version of Pepy's Diary that has the full text for 1660 and 1661. The app opens on today's date in either year or you can read it like a book. 

App Store - Pepys Diary

Joe Shrimpton

It is also available in the Android Market and it's free too:

Joe Shrimpton

Actually it is free in the Apple App Store too!


Looks great, will try it out and add it to my top London apps list!


The Pepys' London iPhone app v.2.0 has just been released in the AppStore. It's still FREE!