Video: Dog Versus Deer In Richmond Park - Benton!

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Video: Dog Versus Deer In Richmond Park - Benton!

Is it wrong to snigger at someone for losing control of his dog? Probably, and sorry about that. But there's something almost comedic in the timing of this guy's curses. Benton! Benton!

Sadly, that spot of schadenfreude belies a potentially serious issue. Dogs often rise to their instincts and chase deer in Richmond Park, with potentially grim consequences. According to this article, around six deer a year are killed by canine gnashers. While lead restrictions are in place at likely spots throughout the park, it would be unreasonable to force owners to keep their pets tethered at all times. Yet the deer are free to roam into unexpected areas, and often hide in long grass. Then again, so many deer are culled each year that some might think it's hardly an issue if a fraction are felled by Fido. What to do?

EDIT: The guys at The Poke have already put together a spoof version.

Last Updated 22 November 2011