Paintings Of London And Londoners @ GX Gallery

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Paintings Of London And Londoners @ GX Gallery

These four images are from a new exhibition of London street scenes from artist Ed Gray. The people of Camberwell, Bethnal Green, Notting Hill, Soho and Vauxhall are brought to life in sketch and canvas. The effect is a 'human soup of lovers, fighters, workers, gossips, carousers and the broken and damaged,' reminiscent of zoomed-in Lowrys, with a better-fed populace.

The exhibition's title, All This Useless Beauty, takes its name from an Elvis Costello album, one of Gray's favourite musicians. "A lot of my titles of paintings and shows are from songs or books that I hear or read as I work," he explains. "I've always loved the phrase, too – I think it sums up for me what I try to do as an artist, standing sketching in the streets and trying to capture a sense of what's around me before it's gone forever."

All This Useless Beauty runs at GX Gallery, 43 Denmark Hill, SE5 8RS until 26 October. There's a free artist-led tour on 22 October at 11am, which can be booked through the gallery's web site.

Last Updated 04 October 2011