Preview: "...and darkness descended" @ Waterloo Station Arches

Franco Milazzo
By Franco Milazzo Last edited 90 months ago
Preview: "...and darkness descended" @ Waterloo Station Arches

You've heard of Punchdrunk, right? The kings of theatrical audience interaction scared us silly with their Edgar Allan Poe themed evening at BAC and their version of Faust in Wapping was a sell-out. This year, they've created a Dr Who experience in Manchester and won awards in New York for their Sleep No More production. Yes, THEM.

Punchdrunk recently worked with Stella Artois' publicity department creating an immersive adventure in Shoreditch and they're back with a new collaboration, this time with Sony Playstation. Taking place on 1-4 September, "…and darkness descended" is inspired by survivalist shooter sequel Resistance 3 and will combine theatre and gaming with not a little horror.

What exactly participants will get up to is being kept under more wraps than an overdressed mummy but feel free to go to the event's Facebook page and stare at the screen until they appear (we reckon most PS3 gamers will have ready experience in this department).

Tickets are free which means that they are likely to go faster than Sonic The Hedgehog racing downhill. If you want to take part, keep that trigger finger good and ready for August 25 (next Thursday) when tickets become available.

Photo of Waterloo Arches (c) buckaroo kid from the Londonist Flickr Pool.

Last Updated 19 August 2011