Eat Insects At The Natural History Museum

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Eat Insects At The Natural History Museum

They're nutritious, easily farmed and supposedly rather tasty. They're a normal foodstuff for many people around the world. They're a potentially sustainable and environmentally friendly source of food. Yet insects have yet to find their way into the diet of most Brits. It's just not cricket...except when it is.

The Natural History Museum will host a special tasting event this Friday (26 August) for anyone open-minded enough to stick a creepy-crawly in their mouth. A three-course tasting will include seven species of toasted, roasted or chocolate-coated insects, in both larval and adult forms. Insect experts will be on hand to provide information on the benefits of arthropod cooking, as will chefs who already know how to rustle up a good exoskeletal sweetmeat.

Tickets are £20 and available here.

Last Updated 22 August 2011