Boris Johnson Authors Book On The History And People Of London

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Boris Johnson Authors Book On The History And People Of London

Mayor of London Boris Johnson at the official opening of the Woolwich Arsenal DLR station  12/01/2009

The Mayor of London's been working away on a new book. Johnson's Life of London: The People Who Made the City that Made the World comes out in November from HarperPress. Quoth the publisher:

In his inimitable style, he draws on a lifetime of reflections and his years of running the city, to celebrate some of the characters and characteristics which have made London what it is today.

Boris Johnson was always a multi-tasker. While Member of Parliament for Henley he also found time to edit The Spectator, churn out a novel, host a series on ancient Rome and turn himself into a household name via a succession of offbeat TV appearances. Now incumbent upon the Mayor's throne, the blond one continues to juggle multiple commitments, including a regular column for The Telegraph. Now comes the book.

The title's a clever move. 'Johnson's Life of London' recalls the famous 'tired of London, tired of life' quote from his 18th Century namesake Samuel Johnson, lending the tome an air of historical continuity. Whatever you think of the Mayor, there's no denying his ability to turn a witty phrase. He's also in a unique position to author a history of London, combining a passion for the past with the insights into the modern city that only a mayor can gain. Cynics will dismiss the publication as a blatant campaign fillip, coming just a few months before the 2012 mayoral election. And rightly so. We have to admit, though, that this will be an intriguing read

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