Anti-Rupert Murdoch Poster On City Road

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 90 months ago
Anti-Rupert Murdoch Poster On City Road

A poster calling Rupert Murdoch a very rude word has appeared on City Road, Islington.

The poster is on the elevator shaft for the old City Road tube station, at the junction with Central Street. It's by Dr D (herself no stranger to political street art), and it depicts our beleaguered Rupe with the euphemistic slogan "WHAT A JEREMY HUNT" stamped across his mouth, referencing the slip of the tongue made by James Naughtie whilst introducing the Culture Secretary last year. A subtle though effective jibe, and certainly softer than the more explicit message photographed in Chalk Farm recently by Simon Crubellier.

Mr Murdoch: see you next Tuesday. We mean at the select committee, of course.

Last Updated 16 July 2011