Huge New Anti-Government Mural In Shoreditch

Dean Nicholas
By Dean Nicholas Last edited 157 months ago
Huge New Anti-Government Mural In Shoreditch

A new, anti-government graffito has been added to the front of the old Foundry building in Shoreditch.

The piece, by Dr. D, is part of a show at the Red Gallery, located just behind the Foundry. It depicts a tabloid-style exposé by the "Fail Daily" (see what they've done there?) of the criminal wrongdoings of our political leaders. The esteemed Prime Minister, his Deputy PM, and the Chancellor, re-christened "Raging Dave", "Dead Leg Clegg" and "Chopper George" respectively, are done up like proper varmints, accused of being the 'Great Brain Robbers' and being part of the "notorious" Bullingdon Club (an accusation that might rankle with Clegg, who was never a member).

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Last Updated 15 November 2010