The Crazy Golf Course Of Camden Town

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The Crazy Golf Course Of Camden Town

Did you know that Camden Town has a hidden crazy golf course? It's tucked away in the borders of Camden and Kentish Towns, on Clarence Way, part of a housing estate just north of Hawley Road.

The nine-hole course has a vaguely nautical theme, with obstructions including a container ship, a barrel and a cannon. When it opened in 2005, head of the Residents Association Silla Carron told Camden New Journal “This is something really different, some of the kids on this estate have never seen the sea and might not get the chance. The crazy golf course will bring them a taste of a seaside resort."

The novelty feature was part of a £2 million council scheme to improve conditions on the estate, which suffered from problems with antisocial behaviour. Also, Joe Cole grew up there.

Last Updated 27 June 2011