Sean Bean 'Stabbed' In Chalk Farm

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Sean Bean 'Stabbed' In Chalk Farm

TV and movie star Sean Bean has been injured during an altercation on the slopes of Hampstead. Bean was drinking outside The Hill, a well-to-do gastropub on Haverstock Hill, when he got into a stand-off with a passer by.

According to press accounts (warning: link goes to The Daily Mail), the Sharpe star took umbrage when the stranger made 'lewd comments' about his drinking companion, glamour model April Summers. In the ensuing scuffle, Bean was stabbed in the arm with a piece of broken glass and took a punch to the face. Despite being minutes' walk from the Royal Free Hospital, the robust Yorkshireman elected to remain at the pub and have another drink.

Coincidentally, the injury came as Bean received a much more damaging blow on HBO drama Game of Thrones.

A rambunctious new beginning, then, for The Hill, which recently reopened after a major paint job. Our preferred pint's over the road, however, in the much more characterful Sir Richard Steele.

Last Updated 15 June 2011