London Dungeon Offers '5D' Experience

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London Dungeon Offers '5D' Experience

Steaming-heap-of-incandescent-poo press release of the day award goes to the London Dungeon, which offers the following exciting news:

Vengeance: the UK's first 5D laser ride ONLY at the London Dungeon...Combines 3D film with 4D special effects AND the fifth dimension of rider interactivity in a rapid fire laser shoot out...Set in Victorian times at London's most haunted address, 50 Berkeley Square.

We're scratching our heads over where they're pulling those bonus dimensions from. Have they used the wads of cash from exorbitant entrance fees to spin out the world's first practical application of M-theory?

Anyhow, for those who can't resist the geometry-defying anachronistic mix of ghosts, Victorians and lasers, you'll find the Vengeance ride at the London Dungeon from 28 May. Entrance is £23.10 for adults, £17.10 for children.

Last Updated 20 April 2011