Buster Martin: 'Britain's Oldest Working Man' Dies Age 104

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Buster Martin: 'Britain's Oldest Working Man' Dies Age 104

A truly remarkable life came to an end yesterday with the death of Buster Martin. The-104 year-old was still working for Pimlico Plumbers as a van cleaner. Mr Martin also claimed to be London Marathon's oldest participant. He completed the 2008 race aged 101, raising £20,000 for charity.

According to Buster, his working life began some 90 years ago as an errand boy in Brixton Market. He reached the rank of seargent major in WWII, allegedly sired 17 offspring before his wife died in 1955 and even served as an agony uncle for FHM.

Many of his claims, including his birth date, marriage and abundance of children, are disputed as no certificates have ever been found. Regardless, his dogged work ethic and refusal to superannuate are remarkable. His first ever sick day came in 2006 due to an ingrowing toe nail. He turned up for work on his 100th birthday. He even showed up after being injured in an attack by three youths (whom he fought off). All by his own word, mind...but still.

Wikipedia has a more detailed biography, while Pimlico Plumbers have a page dedicated to their famous employee, including a roundup of media appearances.

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Last Updated 14 April 2011