More Desperate Royal Wedding Headlines

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More Desperate Royal Wedding Headlines

Boot up Google News on any given day and search for Royal Wedding. Here are today’s highlights:

This Week In Rich People Problems: What to wear to a royal wedding? (Metro Edmonton, Canada)
Keyword joy for this story which conveys Victoria Beckham's Royal Wedding sartorial baby bump concerns. And there's more...

Royal wedding: Kate Middleton's wardrobe to get the Victoria Beckham treatment (Scotsman)
Miss Middleton and Mrs Beckham are married up for Google juice in this gushy piece suggesting Kate's consulting Posh over her honeymoon wardrobe.

Royal wedding recorded album to be sold online (BBC)
Yep, if you miss out on being there in person, listening outside the Abbey, watching it on telly, listening to it on radio, streaming it on the internet or watching it vicariously via Twitter, you can download the entire thing from iTunes within hours of the newlyweds sweeping off to their Weddy Brek.

Royal wedding graffiti appears in London but is it a Banksy? (Daily Mirror)
Er, no, probably not. Apart from the fact it bears a passing resemblance to a Banksy being - um - graffiti, consider its placement on a branded Opera Gallery hoarding outside said gallery which has just finished a street art exhibition. We suspect it's nothing to do with Banksy at all and rather a lot more to do with the Opera Gallery.

TV host Chiles rides Royal wedding route on horse drawn carriage with Christine Bleakley (Daily Mail)
Any committed Royal Wedding follower knows full well that Kate's going to travel by car to her wedding day so this is merely puff for Daybreak and a weak excuse to talk about Christine Bleakley's hair extensions and whether or not Frank Lampard's going to propose.

Read more desperate Royal Wedding headlines and let us know if we've missed any corkers.

Last Updated 23 March 2011