Desperate Royal Wedding Headlines Of The Day

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Desperate Royal Wedding Headlines Of The Day

Here's a fun game. Boot up Google News on any given day and search for Royal Wedding. Here are today's highlights:

Chorleywood Knitter Designs Royal Wedding Dress (Watford Observer)
Does the humble Watford Observer have the scoop of the year? No. The dress in question belongs to a knitted Kate Middleton who appears to be marrying Postman Pat (click through, it's quite uncanny). Still, great work by Chorleywoodite Fiona Goble.

Kate Middleton's Former Piano Teacher Writes Song (Daily Mail)
It's called 'A Song For Kate (And William)', apparently.

Kate Family Sell Royal Game Card (The Sun)
"ROYAL bride-to-be Kate Middleton's firm has launched a scratchcard game featuring CROWNS", intonates the Sun. The CARDS (see, we can do it too) present a series of questions about BRITAIN. They cost £3.99 for a pack of 10, and offer NO PRIZES.

Musician James Blunt Set To Play Organ At Royal Wedding (ABC News)
The earnest troubadour and world saviour will be hammering away at his organ during the ceremony. Can't wait.

Offenders Will Clean Subway For Royal Wedding (Evening Standard)
Or: people ordered to do community service will be doing some community service, by cleaning the Hyde Park subway ahead of the wedding. We're sure there's a sick joke to be had about underpasses and the Royal Family.

Last Updated 15 March 2011