London's North And South Circulars As Art Work

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London's North And South Circulars As Art Work

Most people who amble along the strepitous arc of the North Circular, or encounter an heroic traffic jam on its southern equivalent will not be thinking, 'hmm, you know what, this would make for wonderful photography'.

Yolanda Crisp begs to differ. Her Ringway project documents the noisy, interstitial sections that make up the North and South Circular routes.

What I discovered was an uncanny hinterland, an environment where an off kilter reality emerges. In places especially along parts of the North Circular it feels as if the road acts as a void on the surrounding terrain causing the edges to collapse, revealing a malevolent beauty, a sense of the fabric of place having torn.

You can see Yolanda's images at a special show of work by recent photography graduates at the Hotshoe Gallery, Saffron Hill, 11-24 May.

If you haven't already, be sure to watch Jay Foreman's comedic account of London's ring roads.


Last Updated 21 March 2011