Leona Lewis Voted London's Most Influential Woman

Rachel Holdsworth
By Rachel Holdsworth Last edited 96 months ago
Leona Lewis Voted London's Most Influential Woman

As you may well have already seen, to mark International Women's Day, Metro readers yesterday crowned Leona Lewis London's most influential woman in the last 100 years. Not that we have anything in particular against Leona Lewis, a perfectly amiable singer who supports animal rights and absolutely did not deserve a punch to the head. But she aint no Millicent Garrett Fawcett. Or Zaha Hadid. Dare we say it, she's not even a Margaret Thatcher.

As Stewart Lee's 41st Best Stand Up Ever tour pointed out, public voting doesn't always produce reasoned analysis, biased as it is towards people who were on telly last night. We could sit here all day and debate the various ways in which democracy basically blows, but instead we'll notice that Metro actually positioned their poll as looking for our favourite influential London woman. Ah. It's no wonder people voted for the fragrant Leona over the less photogenic Betty Boothroyd. Bad Metro - don't tell us to vote for something and then tell us it meant something different. That's government's job.

We'll leave you with a genuinely thoughtprovoking moment after all that nonsense, and the chance to see Daniel Craig in a fetching wig, as the authoritative Judi Dench explains the reasons why International Women's Day is important. And why it perhaps shouldn't be cheapened by excuses to put another picture of a pretty woman in a newspaper.

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Last Updated 09 March 2011